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FS VideoAn all new feature on the FS Site thanks to Gabb's work on streaming video. Here you will find a growing list of exciting, informative, invoking, monumental, very mental and downright Oscar-worthy videos for your viewing pleasure.

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Piney Creek Devastation

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Aussie 200something

Freaky Styley

Ah, the memories - riding with Jono in Sydney

Flying FoleyFreaky Styley Music

The crew at Freaky Styley have been known to jam every now and then.

And we've captured it all from time to time!

From some of those memorable gigs of Toasted - THE Band to not be recognised for their extraodinary talent through the start of the 21st Century to some of Gabb's crazyt musical exploits of in America, it's all here

See it all on our special Freaky Styley Music Section...

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.


Wow, that Dev de Haas is one devious bastard. There's over $250 up for grabs for the next hole-in-one on the New Zealand circuit. And Marty gets it. However...

We recorded it all and have, until now, shown only the glory bits. But soon we shall show footage of the Evil One paying off his group, allowing him over 40 shots before it went in. Not to mention moving the tee forward, moving the basket closer and foot faulting at the time.

None of his group have made themselves available for comment, but watch this space - meanwhile, view the ACE in video glory right here.

Flying Foley

The Front Course
Flying Foley

This is where is all began - using beach frisbees, the Freaky Styley crew would leave the Warehouse early every Saturday morning to play the front course .

To attain distance, some crazy methods were employed - electrical tape around the outside of your disc, rivets in the centre.

We revisited the Front Course recently - and here are the pics


Flying Foley

Freaky Styley Aussie respresentative Jono "Flyin'" Foley did us proud in Sydney's Blue Mountains the other weekend, competing in the 2006 Woodford to Glenbrook Classic. Entered in the Old Bastard's Division, Jumpin Jono rode like stink on his favourite ride to finish 156th out of a field of over 600 riders in a remakrable time of 1hr 8m 55s.

"Bugger me," the Quiet Kiwi remarked, "I need a lager!". And well deserved we say. Next year his target is sub one hour.

Onya Jono!

Flying Foley

Flying FoleyGoooooooaaaaaal!

OK, we know how Uncle Gabb keeps going on about how talented Bridget and Nathan are.

Well, now, here's the evidence.

Tough game (both teams unbeaten) and Nathan has been firing perfect crosses all day - one which resulted in a great header goal by Mark.

But this time he's running down the wing. Mum's screaming for him to shoot. Watch as he looks up and realises that's his only option. But the angle is such that even Beckam would think twice. The rest is history...

Don't forget - this is a lad who has only just turned 13!!!


Flying FoleyFull Circle

The great DAKAR has finally gone full circle, back on the hands of the very first champion Dave Serf.

Things have changed however and if he tried to hang onto it for too long, there will be much drama, including late night raids in Balmoral.

Find out how Serf outsmarted his fellow frisbee freak friends at the Manuakau Mash Up ...

Lazy Spank

And whilst we're all out there using our lungs and legs to get us along, Spanky is burning up precious fossil fuels so he can tear up our lovely country with his evil Moto.

No doubt he partakes in post-ride drinking sessions, throwing quart bottles at passer-bys and leaving the empties scattered all over the forest.

Booo to Spanky!
nb: references to Spanky's Moto could well be fueled by jealousy...

Flying Foley

Flying FoleyFreaky Styley in Space

That's right - Freaky Styley were actually the first organisation in space. And time. Some cool space pics for you

See it all on our special Freaky Styley in Space Section...

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Spanky's Selection - DAKAR Defence # 20. None Tree Hill Saturday 8th April 2006.
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The Marty Mayhem- DAKAR Defence # 17. Par Park, October 2004.
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