Dakar 2006 - Spanky's Selection

April 2006 and another DAKAR defence looms. This time it is Spanky who must devise a cunning set of rules in line with the traditional DAKAR schinanigans we have come to expect. So he had quite a scheme going until 2 sessions in Gabb's garage saw the entire plan turned on its head. Followed by a top evening at the new Freaky Styley Central HQ at Dunbar (thanks to Serf and Kath), it was the sort of day that makes a weekend special. The only gap was the non appearance of Virgil Reality, who had come down with a mysterious stomach virus (after visiting Marty's place for a feed).

Jim's pics coming soon - come back later.

So when you see these things on an image it means what it bloody looks like!

The Spanky Selection - Bob seems happy that No Sleep has destroyed the DAKAR within 30 seconds of having it. Snowie can't work out who is pictured on the back of the scorecard (zoomed for your viewing pleasure). We think it's Ricky Carmichael.
Committed - Baz is all power as he tries to gain maximum distance on the 9th.
Young - The power and flexibility of The Beast had us thinking he was celebrating his 24th birthday.
Buddies - The Beast's mates watch chummingly as he tries a tough shank aroung the dogleg of the 200m eigth.
Dumping - No, Bob's not having a dump - he's putting everything he's got into the big 200m eigth hole.
Too Good? - Faced with the staggering distance of the ninth, Feasey chooses a forearm. With smooth, almost effortless grace, he actually over drives down to the back slope. Speaking of sloped, The Fease was celebrating winning in Taiwan.
Athlete - Is there nothing this man cannot do? With a run up that everyone would copy if they had the strength, Gabb once again throws so hard our superspeed shutter had trouble.
Shot of the Day? - Balanced precariously in a tree. Battered with objections of his positioning by unfriendly opposition. And yet Gabb overcame it all as makes it count on the very tricky 3rd. This wonderful putt was in fact a great save for a double bogie, having been distracted at the green by any number of other players.
Hats - A lasting memory of the day was provided by Wilma, the friendly Cornwalll Park Hat Lady. Here Gabb throws away his $1500 Gucci cap in favour of a Wilma Brimmer.
Early - Jim playing it safe after a horrendous but lucky drive on the first hole. Curving around to make for an easy par.
You Joshin'? - Hang on Josh - that ain't the tee. Yet you're not yet past the stone wall...please explain.
BBQ King - And after the golf, new Mt Eden resident Dave Serf shouted the crew to a choice BBQ at his new place.
Spank Me - On the ninth, the Tee Dee shows his trademark 'Nipple Pinch' drive. "Spank me if the weather ain't a happy turn around" mentioned the motoman, "Light winds and some sunshine - it's Wilde!"
Stoned - It was disappointing to see so many so-called experienced players not making the wall on the 5th. Serf had double disappointment with a disc-damaging smash into the rocks. He'll be wandering around Bob's boot soon!
Its Snowing - Always good to see Snowie out showing how a golfer would approach the course. With his tradesman Haggis Hook, he managed to pull off a nice long drive here on the 8th.
Injured - Stylists were staggered to see Serf pulling out a forearm on the 4th. Part of his rehab from the MTB injury includes doing stupid things.
Whooooosh! - Daredevil Bob shot this one. He wasn't aware Feasey was gonna try a skim shot! The deflection off Bob's gut actually helped. Enjoy the 'whoooosh' sound that such plastic makes.
Stonewalling - One of the fine putts that, combined with a randicap given him by Spank, pretty much made Sleepy Pete unbeatable.
One Finger Salute - Not one to hide his emotions, 'Alfa Wilde' shows us what he thinks of Spanky's course.
Straddle Me - Bob likes to 'hang loose' when he puts. Pupil Pete takes it all in for his wicked 'Stonewall' style (see below).
Outta the Fryin Pan... - Josh manages a good exit from a tough spot. Lost this vid, so you'll see Josh's good drive on 9.
Fightback - After a nasty tree bounce, Marty needed a big one. So Jim passed him one and then Marty went loco by trying a sidearm.
Good Golf - See Marty show how to go for the solid putt, followed by a demonstration of the Jim loose-wrist technique which still somehow managed to touch the pipe.
Beast Bonus - Seeing it was his birthday, The Beast decided to give himself a few bonus shots on the green.
Give to the Kneedy - Well experienced at tossing whilst on his knees, No Sleep tries it with a frisbee on the 4th.
There's No We in TD - Lifting the DAKAR event management expectations to a new level. Spanky Magoo.
'Ats off To Ya - Trendysetters No Sleep and Gabb show off their new gear.
Look Out! - This shot caught No Sleep's drive diving in at speed as Jim whacks the post on the 9th.
Armpit Golf - Snowie likes to start with a bit of armpit rubbing.
You Can Only Laugh - Mike is now certain its all over for him again as far as the DAKAR is concerned. Not even a bribe to Tee Dee Spanky of a pack of smokes could help him.
Whad The..?! - One of the talking points of the day was Serf's extraordinairy attire.
Done - Our hairy heros wander back to base to find out what ridiculous rule Spanky will pull out to let his shady sidekick Pete win.
Respect - Its not much to ask, but No Sleep demonstrates in no uncertain terms what he thinks of the whole DAKAR thing. If it ain't busted, bust it.
Pete's Got a Red Pole - Victorious blind archer Pete Red Pole holds aloft the prize he worked so hard for. Bastard.