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50 Stars

Got involved in recording this for young Rick Bedrock. An interesting project in the stusios of Native Audio.

FS VideoCajun Queen

Coming to a bar near you...the latest from the talented Marky Mark. Great words. Mark sends his new stuff through to Gabb who tries to work out the notes and lays a bass track over the top. The wonders of the 21st Century! Might dub some drums over too some day. Gotta love those lyrics...

Click here to hear Cajun Queen by Cabin Fever

Latest Stuff

Gabb's been mucking around trying to display lyrics and chords in an easy way to learn a song. First attempt is the brilliant new Cat Empire tune No Longer There.

Check it out!

Click to see the vid.

drumHitTwoMillion.jpgDRUMS in PINE BLUFF

I recently hauled my drum kit down to Pine Bluff where we are now staying for a while.  What a good idea!

And today saw my 2,000,000th hit on the ol’ pads and it was only fitting that it should be to Cat Empire.  And you too can be there! - click the Sol y Sombra link below. [note: That was November 2007 - Update: April 2008 and we are up to 2,250,000. I now have it set up so that if a cool tune comes on the Internet Radio playing over the PC, I can turn, move 1 metre, flick one switch and I'm bangin away on the ol Yamaha. Sweet!]

Pretty rough on the edges, but not bad considering lack of play (maybe 15-20 sessions in the 6 months in USA). Basically played to this tune constantly for the last 2 sessions = around 20 times.  Actually it sounds a lot better that you think when you're hitting away. 

Can you tell the couple of times when I drop both sticks?  Great fun and must look silly with headphones on and nothing but ‘tap tap’ going on.

I tell you what Dads – ban video games and get one of these!

Sol y Sombra - 6.2Mb mp3 - recorded 28/11/07 at Gabb and Deb's Pine Bluff apartment.


Latest Set - Thursday night one week before...

Sweet Home Alabama - recorded 08/02/07 at Lindis. Complete with retry of ending
Sway - recorded 08/02/07 at Lindis. Low vocal for Deb practice.
Papa Was A Rolling Stone - recorded 08/02/07 at Lindis. You sure these boys aren't all black?
Alison - recorded 08/02/07 at Lindis.
Another Girl Another Planet - recorded 08/02/07 at Lindis. The lads are hotting up!
Boys Don't Cry - recorded 08/02/07 at Lindis. This take secured this song into the mix.
Everybody's Talking - recorded 08/02/07 at Lindis.
I Can't Stand Up for Falling Down - recorded 08/02/07 at Lindis.
Just My Imagination - recorded 08/02/07 at Lindis. Now to be the first song we play.
Moondance - recorded 08/02/07 at Lindis. Low vocals for Deb practice.
New Years Day - recorded 08/02/07 at Lindis. Pretty slick rendition. Bono would be proud.
Suzie Is A Headbanger - recorded 08/02/07 at Lindis. Tone's on fire.

As set by Baz. As played by Tone, Slim, Snowie, Gabb and Kimbo, Waitangi Day 2007.


Up On The Roof - recorded 06/02/07 at Lindis.
Here Comes the Rain Again - recorded 06/02/07 at Lindis.
To Love Somebody - recorded 06/02/07 at Lindis.
Alison - yet to be recorded.
Everybody's Talking - recorded 06/02/07 at Lindis.
Moondance - recorded 06/02/07 at Lindis.


Sway - recorded 06/02/07 at Lindis.
Papa Was A Rolling Stone - recorded 06/02/07 at Lindis.
Sweet Home Alabama - recorded 06/02/07 at Lindis.
You To Me Are Everything - recorded 06/02/07 at Lindis.
Put A Little Love In Your Heart - recorded 06/02/07 at Lindis.
Spanish Stroll - yet to be recorded.


Rudie - yet to be recorded.
Just My Imagination - recorded 06/02/07 at Lindis.
New Years Day - yet to be recorded.
I Can't Stand Up - recorded 06/02/07 at Lindis.
Suzie Is A Headbanger - recorded 06/02/07 at Lindis.
Another Girl Another Planet - recorded 06/02/07 at Lindis.
Pretty In Pink - yet to be recorded.
Ziggy Stardust - yet to be recorded.


10:15 - yet to be recorded.
Funky Medley - yet to be recorded.

Ones Up For Further Argument

Boys Don't Cry - recorded 06/02/07 at Lindis.

Cabin Fever - music and lyrics by Marky Mark

Mexico - recorded March 2008 at Memphis and Pine Bluff. Mexico

Flying FoleyOh Three Four live

Some of the players of the recent Auckland Disc Golf Champs were treated to live music like no other.

Featuring On The Beet Pete, Slapper Gabb, Delectable Deb, Token Maori Kim, Baz The Voice and with special Guest Star Richard Wonder the group, affectiontately known as Oh Three Four funked up for the lucky punters.

Veiw some excerpts at our special Freaky Styley Music Section... click on the image for the vid

Johnny Be Good - featuring Richard Wonder on harmonica and Baz unplugged. No, truely unplugged!