Culture Club: Tuhoto Trail Take 2

Culture Club: Tuhoto Trail Take 2

Take 2

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Freaky StyleyYeah Yeah - Psycho Killer

True jammin'

Freaky StyleyCoaster for American Women

De Dutchie burns it up on Coaster accompanied by Yeah Yeah jammin.

Freaky StyleySuperstar Robert

Our intrepid reporter sneaked into a recent jam to record this footage of Yeah Nah Yeah inviting Superstar Bob to perform a rendition of Status Quo's Paper Plane.

Freaky StyleyNew Trail in Hunua

Gabb sneaks ahead so as to define the flow of the new trail.

Freaky StyleyCulture Club: Hatupatu Trail

The Oracle

First draft - for further discussion with the lads.

Freaky StyleyCulture Club: Hatupatu Trail Take 2

The Oracle

Second draft - using Streamline mp4 to avi conversion with Apple jpeg compression.

Freaky StyleyUrban Food Forest

Tree Mendous

The beginning of a 3000 year old food forest in Mangere Bridge, Auckland, New Zealand...

Freaky StyleyGentils Do Manukau Harbour Hop

Manukau, Auckland, New Zealand

The Gentils recently visited the famous Manukau Marbour Hop...

Freaky StyleySerf Surfs

Longboarding at Maui

And you thought it was just a name...

Freaky StyleyTotara Park Mountain Bike Trail

Manukau, Auckland, New Zealand

Kimbo checks out the new trails at Totara Park...

Freaky StyleyHunua Working Bee June 20 2010

Hunua MTB Trails Get a Little Help from its Friends

Freaky Styley once again helping out at Hunua's Moumoukai Valley MTB trails...

Freaky StyleyManukau coastal Off Road Bike Ride with Map

In the wet, with map

Just a bit of a muck around to see if I can...

Freaky StyleyFreaky Styley Deos Nydia Bay

You Gotta Know to Understand

Ah, the memories. Thanks to Skoda Pop and his wicked organisation skills, 28 riders congregated in New Zealand's South Island for a tour with a difference. Untold quantities of food and liquid were ferried into the secluded Nydia Lodge whilst the riders headed in on the truly awesome Nydia Trail...

Freaky StyleyFreaky Styley MTB

You Gotta Know to Understand

A bit of a compilation Gabb did recently of riding and crashes.

Freaky StyleyKara Rides the 42 Traverse

One Fast Chick

Relative newcomer to the Freaky Styley riding ranks, Karoline shows she has what it takes with this sizzling run down the first main downhill of the 42 Traverse track in the Central North Island.

Freaky StyleyNew Zealand Disc Golf Nationals

Rotorua | February 2010

Touches of consistency, touches of brilliance. That's what was needed for Taumarunui top seed Blair Joines to become the 2010 New Zealand Champion.

Freaky StyleyQsmart Demo Draft 1

First draft.

Freaky StyleyYeah Nah Yeah - Jan. 2010

I Fawt Da!

The lads see in the new year with a little get together at Lindis Studio.

The sound is bad as a result of a quick set up of the camera, but here's a splice together of most of the tunes they threw out in their 2nd set.

As Plucker Snow said 'The first set was the better one...'.

Freaky StyleyRotorua Corners Trail

Virgil Reality On The Move

Unedited footage of Virgil Realityrocking down the Corners Trail, built by Freakster himself Scoobie Doo.

Freaky StyleyVegas Gabb

MTB Action in Rotorua

A recent visit to the famed trails in Rotorua with Gabb

Freaky StyleyPaddling Piney

Music by Marky Mark

What a 4th of July it was for the Kiwi travellers in 2008 again with their fine friends the Hillbillies and accompanied by the forever entertaining duo of the Wicked Wikis, this visit to northern Arkansas featured a paddle down the famous Piney Creek that runs past both cabins.

Freaky Styley2009 - Grand Master Flashdance

Jim Cheats His Way to the Top

With Gabb back in NZ for a week or two, the lads organised a DAKAR session with the GM putting the covetted trophy up for grabs. Great rules saw 5 players tie for 2nd, but it was Jim who expertly deceived the team to take it out by one shot...

Freaky StyleyThe James River Trail - Richmond, VA

The best inner city MTB trail in the world.

Gabb has recently been treated to some awesome rides with his new American MTB mates. And here is footage of them tearing it up on Richmond's wicked inner city James River Trail, built over many years with the blood sweat and beers of some dedicated volunteers.

Ride on!

Freaky StyleyCold as Ice

Happy Birthday Tess!

With American newcomer to MTB Tess turning the big Four-Oh, what better way to celebrate than with another adventurous ride, this time at Walnut Creek - or Big Nut Lake as it became known - riding over icy trails and dodging frisbees of a disc golf tournament.

Freaky StyleyYork Idding

York State Park, VA

More American adventures with the Extreme Engineers. This time our intrepid team are at York State Park thinking of that beer and fried chicken they'll be hoeing into after the ride. Here we see footage with the super cam pointing back on the helmet.

Freaky StyleyHouston, We Have Splashdown

A Wet Disc for Ben

Just a very short snippet from a recent round at Bryan Jospeh Park for a round of Disc Golf with Big Ben.

This on the tricky 16th hole, you can guess the rest...

Freaky StyleyMiles Away with Elvis Zaskarelli

Sep 2007 - Featuring the Specialized Enduro Pro

Our firey freakster races through some great Memphis trails on his all new Specialzed MTB, including the awesome Herb Parsons Lake trail.

Freaky StyleyLet's Ride JRT!

A Frame's Perspective

This is Gabb's first attempt to give you a full appreciation of the entire loop of the awesome James River Trail of Richmond, Virginia...

Freaky StyleyKyle Wilson

Baseballer, VA

Eleven years old and playing like a Pro...

Freaky StyleyBest Action Video Ever

The Metro and The Kiwi

Just watch it!